Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 357: I shall write beautiful poetry about this some day.

Today, Mama and I embarked on an exciting errand -- purchasing my new computing contraption for college. We headed to the bank first, and Mama shared her perspective on a lot of aspects of our lives with me en route. We arrived at the mall after catching up and picked out a perfect MacBook Pro for me. An hour later, we took this and other assorted Apple accessories with us and drove to Fairfax Corner, where I met up with Woojin, Patrick, and Taylor for our Bristow adventure.

During the drive to Jiffy Lube Live, Woojin helped us "study" for the concert we'd be experiencing by playing his "Kelly Clarkson and The Fray Concert Prep" playlist for us in the car. We enjoyed a fancy dinner at Subway where I was nicknamed "The Storm" and we learned of Wooj's Tyler Ward obsession before making our way to JLL. We now sit in the lawn enjoying the air and ambience as we listen to Carolina Liar open for Ms. Clarkson and The Fray!

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