Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 347: Most nights, I don't know.

I slumped my way out of bed this morning and to Starbucks, where I met with Michael Velchik to plan out the next 18 months to 80 years of his life. The first thing he did upon our meeting was to pull out two sheets of blank white paper, which we stared at over the next two hours in an attempt to craft a schematic diagram representing this time period. We ended up with a funny product which Mike plans to frame in a few years.

From here it was onward to my seventh haircut of this year, one so horrendous that I feel like going into hiding until it grows out. I essentially did go into hiding for the rest of the day, working to craft some sophisticated Level I Latin prose for the reading comprehension test that will be given at this year's Virginia state Latin Convention.

I took a break from writing silly stories to enjoy a wonderful workout, still sore from yesterday's. After an hour of angsty Ingrid tunes and Eminem beats, it was back to my desk to write another Latin passage and more questions. I set a target for myself and promised that I'd accompany the family to dinner if I could reach it.

I ended up achieving my mini-goal, and, after dressing up with the sister, found myself on the way to Georgetown for a dinner out at Mien Yu, a cool Asian fusion place which was awarded the title of best restaurant bathroom in the D.C. area.

We're on our way home now, and I'm hoping to write a third Latin story and the remaining questions on my test before calling it a night -- or pulling an all-nighter . . .

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