Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 351: You can place your bets, world.

I started the day with a grave mistake -- eating butter chicken for breakfast. Those ten minutes of scream-inducing euphoria were hardly worth the sluggish pace and sessile nature of the rest of my day. I attempted to counteract the unfailing lethargy which results from consumption of Punjabi food by swallowing down some coffee ice cream, thereby only adding to my foods-that-should-not-be-eaten-for-breakfast list and exacerbating the problem.

We left home before noon for Shenandoah National Park, with hot air ballooning dreams for the day. We soon learned, however, that due to impending thunderstorms, this mission would not be successful. We instead spent the day exploring the side of the park we've never seen before.

We had a lunch of fried chicken at one of the park's rest stops before piling back in the car and driving around some more. At a lookout point, we met a park ranger who showed us the coat of a lynx found in the park and suggested a trail for us to hike. We found Blackfoot Summit shortly and embarked on a great walk, at the top of which we came across an awesome pile of boulders formed by a landslide. After a family photo sesh, we returned to the car and slowly descended the mountain.

We now sit in the car, where Priya quizzes us on SAT vocabulary as I write this post.

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  1. Shenandoah National Park?! you were out in the country near us-- now you know what my back yard looks like ;P Glad you enjoyed the taste of shenandoah country!