Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 353: Peering at the past is perfectly perilous and the future is a freaking farce.

After a night of nearly no sleep, we continued the strain of college shopping by venturing to the mall in search of suitable collegiate apparel for me and high-school appropriate clothing for Miss Priya. Tysons was smotheringly crowded and most of the day was spent wandering listlessly through stores' last-ditch efforts at selling summer wardrobes to lost souls such as myself.

One highlight of the day was finding crimson pants which will allow me to drip with school spirit this fall.

The best part, however, was running into two awesome people:

One goodbye is never enough, and I was pleased to hear that Nizar happened to be right outside H&M as Priya and I were shopping there. We got to see him, Bassima, and Bassam (three of my best friends) one last time before Varlet #1 leaves for school this week! Nizar's mom was absolutely fascinated by Priya's panda phone case, and we took the Zahed family's leave just soon enough to save Pendeo from her clutches. :)

After several more hours haciendo compras, we received news that the Azad family was also at Tysons (as usual). We waited at Express, my favorite store for men's clothing, as Arman sped in, asked us about our summers, and tried on some bright red pants.

We left the store highly amused, and soon returned home. I got to catch up with my sister Laura this evening, and hear all about her past week or so at Cornell. It was lovely to hear her voice, and I hope college will be everything she's dreamed.

I eagerly await dinner now, wrapping up this post as the lovely ladies downstairs whip up something Indian. This is the life!

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