Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 342: We accept the love we think we deserve.

I got up this morning and could scarcely open my right eye (the one which is not infected), for lack of sleep. After a communication process that was much more complicated than it needed to be (it would take a few paragraphs to explain the logistics), Patrick and I finally found ourselves at Laura's house and making pancakes. I literally twiddled my thumbs as these two whipped cream, mixed batter, and flipped cakes. They then taught me proper pancake etiquette (pile everything on top) as we toasted with our sparkling cider to a successful and happy year for us all.

I could scarcely muster a smile this morning though, and as I left, I wished the walk from Laura's front door to the driveway would never end. We've been all over the world this year, but we always had one another to come home to.

The tears probably did nothing to ameliorate my stye, and even the hot pink rain boots I dragged to the counter at Target did not serve to make my day less grey. I devoured a Caesar salad at Wendy's before hiding in my bed for a few hours in the afternoon.

We woke up to Latin! Priya and I learned participles, infinitives, subjunctive forms, and two new subjunctive uses this evening. Priya says "I love Latin" at least once a day -- what a Gill. For the first time, she's had "enough Latin for one day," so she's abandoned the story I assigned her to translate, and we're figuring out what to do for dinner.

May the world bless you, Laura Kambourian, with the most beautiful next stage of your life imaginable. Te quiero, chica.

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  1. Ratna, how special it was to see you yesterday. What an amazing pair of women you and Laura are--no surprise that you found each other. Good luck to you in your next adventure, as well. Can't wait to read about it!