Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 343: None disturb thy slumber deep.

Today was spent in quintessential Ratna style -- doing nothing but sleeping. After breakfast, I wanted few things in the world more than to hit the sack again, and did so after some Latin with Priya. We reviewed the hortatory subjunctive and purpose clauses before learning fear clauses and indirect command. I then slept until a 3pm lunch.

After lunch, I watched TV for about five minutes before going back to bed. I couldn't actually sleep this time though, so I rested/meditated for about an hour before getting ready for an event this evening.

The Harvard Alumni Association hosted a small dinner tonight, to welcome incoming freshmen from the DC area. I got to meet a group of my future classmates, and soon identified the "gap year girls," Andi and Genevieve, who just finished a year off as well. We had tons of fun comparing notes and offering resources to David, who will be taking this upcoming year off.

We ended the night with a round of the name game which included naming our favorite dinosaur (mine was "I took a gap year!") before we parted ways. I'm back in my room now, again looking forward to nothing more than sleeping!

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