Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 361: I will take the chain from off the door.

I'm already beginning to wade in late-night (academic) housekeeping tasks, but I'd like to give you all a run-through of my first official day of orientation! We rolled out of bed and down the street from our hotel this morning to Greenough Hall, to get me settled into my dormitory once and for all.

We made a super-efficient team, with Priya hanging up my clothes and lugging things upstairs as Papa fetched breakfast and opened boxes while Mama and Nani made my bed and everything around it and I just admired everything.

For the person who did the least amount of physical labor, I sure seemed the most wiped out at the end of our morning moving sesh, and I arrived at the ID Services office looking less than optimal for my Harvard ID photo. The photographer seemed to sense this, as he commented on how nervous I looked, and went on to try to soothe my nerves. Seeing the ID printed was a joy however, and I almost squealed with delight when he handed it to me. I am officially a college student.

At lunchtime, we made the very important discovery that Cambridge has a BonChon! We enjoyed our double-fried Korean barbecue before rushing to a welcome event at Sanders Theatre. This presentation was a welcome to our parents on behalf of the University, and Priya and I perhaps should not have been in attendance. In any case, we rushed from this event back to Target to pick up a few last dorm items before making one trip back to Greenough to put everything in its place.

From here, the family rushed to get me dinner at Panera before my first entryway meeting at 8. I am so happy to have shared this experience with them all, but especially to have had Nani's company and guidance during the run-up to college -- she came all the way from India to drop me off!

Tired and teary, I met with fellow Greenough residents out front for our first icebreaker-and-updates orientation meeting of the week. We received lots of important and breathtakingly exciting notices during this two-hour stretch, and returned to the dorm for an unofficial meeting of our hall. Eliza's out tonight, and I eager to finish these last Freshman Seminar applications -- wish me luck!

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