Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 338: "I'd rather have a newsstand for a sister."

Today has been rather an idyllic day. After another unhealthy breakfast, we set out for a Chesapeake Bay adventure!

We drove to the Eastern Shore, listening to each and every song on all of our iPods en route. Our first stop was the charming St. Michael's, where we had lunch and watched Priya swallow down some slices of lemon. We had hoped to find a trail and hike in the area, but the sultry sun soon changed our plans.

We collapsed back into the car and made our way to Tilghman Island, admiring the shaggy coastline our GPS displayed as we drove all the way to the end of the island, which connects to the mainland via drawbridge.

After lounging near the sea for a few minutes, we packed up once again and ventured to Easton in search of ice cream. No shop, however, seemed to rival our favorite ice cream joint in Annapolis, so rather than disembarking, we continued on to Maryland's capital for cups of coconut chocolate almond.

Having lost Papa's iPod and our parking ticket (and finding only one of the two), we now head back, tired and happy all three.

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