Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 360: I'm trying to get a hold on this.

Nani, Priya, and I had a "hearty laugh" over our sleeping arrangements yesterday, with all 5 feet and 8 inches of Priya crammed onto a tiny armchair for the night. This accommodation naturally didn't make for the most commodious night, and we all remained in varying states of asleep-ness until around noon today.

At this time, we headed to Boston Harbor to eat lunch at Wagamama and ogle at sky writers adorning the heavens with ribbons of Red Sox pride. Then it was quickly onward to Target for a stop to collect last-minute items like notebooks, hangers, and a mini fridge (everything purchased happened to be turquoise).

In the afternoon, we stopped by Greenough, my dorm, again, and I got to meet my roommate for the year! Eliza and I had talked online, but it was wonderful to make her acquaintance in person . . . and to see our lovely room! The whole Gill squad joined in and we spent the better part of an hour rearranging furniture until we had turned our two individual rooms into one big bedroom / "socializing" room and one cozy study.

We left Greenough tired out and sweating, and returned to our hotel to freshen up, and for me to start this post. We're now on our way out for dinner in Harvard Square!

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