Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 355: No me importa.

This morning, we picked up Tia and Puppy Bhua and headed into D.C. On the way there, we taught Tia to introduce herself to someone in Spanish, and spent the rest of the ride listening to how bored she was . . . before we even got there. We parked at the Jefferson Memorial, ran to the restrooms, got Tia a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and took some photos at the Tidal Basin.

We soon cruised over to Rotī and enjoyed lunch at this Mediterranean equivalent of Chipotle before traipsing over to the White House for a photo shoot.

From here, we wound our way to the National Gallery of Art by the most circuitous route possible, soaking in the Washington sights as we did. We soon found ourselves in the East Building, scoffing at most of the modern art. Some pieces, however, appealed to our (admittedly ignorant) fancy.

A photo of a painting of a painting. So meta.

Next, we paid a visit to the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden, loving the weather and Tia's suggestion to dip our feet in the fountain at its middle.

Metal trees are my fave.

Our last stop in the district was Sprinkles, the underrated cupcake shop of Georgetown (their dark chocolate cupcakes are literally to die for, as several members of our party affirmed today). We purchased a dozen, swallowed down a few, and were on our way.

I prepare this post as Tia watches a Barbie movie, her first in a night of many more. To be honest, I'm excited.

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