Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 339: What you are I am too.

I begrudgingly pulled myself from bed this morning to do an hour of "cold calling" to invite the neighbors to an open house Mama would be holding today. The exercise became more entertaining as it went on, and I even tried to practice my Spanish on a few of the neighbors!

Around noon, I worked out (to make up for another cake breakfast) and then got started on some surveys I have to complete before classes start this fall.

Next, I continued on the research I'd been helping Mauricio with, designed to help develop a corporate platform for The Nature Conservancy's Magdalena River Project. My pace was a bit slower than expected (as my Spanish research abilities are fading faster than expected) but I put in an hour before getting dressed for a special evening.

My darling sister Laura leaves for Cornell University this week, so tonight we got together some of the world's greatest people to see her off. Kenneson, Aimee, PSang, Niz, Laura, and I watched Lilo&Stitch and Aladdin (with frequent interjections by Mr. Chen) as we chomped on veggies...and pizza that came too late. There was so much love in the room, and it has been one of those nights one wants to put on "pause" and live forever. Two of my aforementioned besties (Laura and Kenneson) now sit outside my room watching YouTube videos as I hack out this post in the nick of time, in denial of the fact that our joint gap year is almost over. But the night isn't!

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