Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

Meet my mother, we know that she’s great,
and also quite blessed is her fate,
she can lecture and edit,
but now to her credit --
she’s gone and begun real estate!

She always roams out and about,
trying to find her we often do shout,
but we look all around,
she’s nowhere to be found --
but on Facebook and Pint’rest and Klout!

If we can’t find her with one more glance,
and we think she might be off to France,
there’s no more need to holler,
or get sick with choler --
she’s probably out with her plants!

I always knew my mom was cute,
but never her horn did I toot,
until someone else did,
yes, that glorious kid --
my best friend, he called her a “beaut”!

I fancy myself full of glamor,
and “eloquently” do I stammer,
but in perfect truth,
she’s devoid of ruth,
when playing critic to my grammar!

Though shopping my heart tends to frighten,
and my purse strings only seem to tighten,
for this good Mothers' Day,
I pretended to pay --
and took my Mater out to Brighton!

Suling Xhu is kind of the bomb:
she helped me get ready for prom.
And because Mama's kind,
when through Tysons we wind --
this girl now calls Ritu Gill "Mom"!

So I'll wrap up my sorry wordplay,
she could outdo my rhymes anyway,
someone close to admire,
always there to inspire --
I’ll wish her now, on Mothers’ Day!

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