Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 271: I want enough time to be in love with everything.

My reading on the power of listening today meshed perfectly with the morning's coffee with Woojin, where he revealed to me his discovery that "TIME IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING A PERSON CAN GIVE TO ANOTHER."

I was happy to have time with the other half of my syzygy today, carrying out Chang orders and playing Certamen. In the morning, I allowed Woojin some quietude as the photogenic Jenny and I worked in the beautiful gazebo outside.

After hours of vocabulary work with PSang, I settled in to play against Varlet #0, with Woojin botch--er--reading the questions.

The real fun came, however, when Woojin asked me to read history and literature questions to him, for him to compete against no one to answer them. Sometimes, we just miss Certamen too much.

After this tomfoolery, I sat down to copy to my computer the Ingrid Michaelson albums Mr. Chang had brought in for me, to which I attempted to choreograph a dance upon returning home.

After an abbreviated meditation session, I enjoyed another rigorous workout (to which I had been looking forward immensely all day). My energy wanes; I haste me to my bed.


Poem of the day (and forever): http://youtu.be/wmr4S0EZ6yQ

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