Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 266: "It's tough being in two places at once."

This day has historically been my happiest in high school -- the day of the FINAL LATIN EXAM! It was interesting to be proctoring the exam today instead of taking it, and surprising to see that this year's students ask far fewer questions than I used to!

After three hours of observing Chang-Lamont antics and making the rounds were up, I retreated to the Language Hallway (yes, this location is a proper noun) to start grading the tests! I spent most of the school day doing this, incorporating intermittent "socializing" with victims such as KAndino, Victoria "Ginge" Flagg, and Mr. Grissom.

At the end of the day, Magister Chang returned from a meeting to present to me the most thoughtful gift of two awesome books -- On the Outside Looking Indian and Peter Bogdanovich's Movie of the Week -- and a super special digital device...

That's right -- Mr. Chang and I are now USB TWINS!! He got me a handy-dandy flash drive to match his sine qua non of the same variety, and signed it with pax tēcum so I can bring purple and gold peace with me wherever I go! Gratias, Maaagister! Certainly the highlight of my day.

After work, I went to the doctor, wrote a poem on my phone (lame), and accompanied Mama to her office. There, I got to meet her newest clients and some of her colleagues, about all of whom I have heard so much!

Today has been remarkably "zen" already, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a meditation sesh before turning in for the night!

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