Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 256: It's childish to resist growing up.

Today was romantically rainy, through and through.

At Flint Hill, I helped Mr. Chang edit essays, taught a Latin I class, and administered my masterpiece of a test to the Latin II Honors class. (They apparently found it a bit too masterful.)

In the bus on the way home, I passed out, fatigued.

Photo cred: Priya Gill

It is a small wonder, therefore, that I nearly fell asleep at the wheel during my subsequent two-hour driving lesson. Even the exhilaration of making three-point turns could not keep me alert for those last ten minutes of the class.

I took a brief nap before grading all of the tests turned in thus far, and now head back to bed. Exercise and meditation will have to wait for a day -- Ratna is feeling marginally under the weather! Time for tons of tea.

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