Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 250: So, a little bit of sanity every second.

Today was a blur of test-writing, paper-grading, and meeting-attending, made less blurry by two especially good conversations.

Before school, Mr. Chanania pulled me into his room to hear about my travels and plans and thoughts, and what followed was a great conversation about the relationship between experience and flexibility -- and whether it is often an inverse one.

After school, my big sister Tierney picked me up and we headed to Starbucks to catch up on these three months. What we ended up doing in addition was inspecting every inch of my soul, and perhaps parts of hers as well.

Our conversation danced around how to live life. One main thought I took away from our talk was the difference between "urgent" and "important" -- "urgent" things being ones you think you have to do, and "important" ones being those you know you love to. As with Tierney, I think I will take some time wrapping my head around this and being able to practice it.

She dropped me off, uplifted, to a marvelous musical miracle. This evening's middle school band concert was a lot of fun. I was expected to nod off (I was tired) but the energy in the room was fantastic.

The evening left me recharged for a workout and abbreviated meditation session upon my return home, before some work and a shower made rhythmic by the radio.

I couldn't be tired-er, so off I go!

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  1. Lovelovelove our time together. Let's do it again! - t