Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 253: You are my background.

School today was full of energetic instruction, from my classroom lesson (the first one observed by Mr. Chang) to extra work with the Certamen players after school. I loved the dynamic of this last part, with me distractedly teaching Neeta future imperatives as Patrick guided Priya in writing sister-hatin' sentences using indirect statement.

Post-practice, our Classics family headed downstairs for the annual MS Awards Ceremony. I got some quality VarleTime in between Patrick's and Nizar's Ciceronian speeches, and of course felt that warm fuzzy feeling of having so many enthusiastic Latin students in one place.

Pooped, I returned home and somehow talked myself into a rigorous workout before a night out with my best girlies! JennPenn picked me up and dealt with my diva-like antics before driving over to fetch Laura and hear all about her time in Europe.

When we were kicked out as Caribou Coffee was closing, we found refuge in a photo booth and fumbled with it briefly before achieving the following astounding success:

We then paid patronage to Silver Diner, where the waffles we ordered were as warm as our hearts (and probably a bit tastier).

There's nothing like spending time with old friends.

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  1. How did Priya do on the Latin exams she took?