Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Din 244: "I can do without light."

Today was my day with Nayaz!

I read Tolle on the way to their home, where I woke my crazy cuz from her Canada-caused catnap and we sat around chilling out and catching up.

Around lunchtime, Sonya stopped by to say hello and hear about my time in India. We had fun comparing Maharashtra to Punjab, and laughed a lot.

Later, Naazoo and I stepped out in search of some "authentic Indian apparel" for Zane Bhaiya back home. Fabindia was the lucky spot, and I think we found something he will like!

We then paid patronage to a bookstore where Naaz picked up Tolle's Power of Now for herself and Bach's Illusions for me. Such spiritual sisterly suggestions.

Having exhausted N-block market, we headed to M-block in an auto rickshaw -- this was my accomplishment (or, as some would say, experiment) for today.

I stopped at a cluttery clip cart to grab some goodies for Priya the Prepster.

Nayaz made frequent stops herself, to play with stray dogs along the way, and I was in charge of reminding her to wash her hands. Some things never change.

Tired of preps and pooches, we settled in at an Indian Dunkin' Donuts (!), which had horrible service, to indulge on some fattening fried foods.

We had another heart-to-heart on our way back to Shanti Niketan, where I was dropped off to commence my meditations and perusal of Ovidian advice. I was also made aware by Danny Boy that today is my half birthday -- getting old!

My laptop seems to be boycotting the wireless connection here, so wish me luck posting this. 30.5 hours until Dulles!


  1. I had such a fun time! Wish I could've shown you around some more!! :(