Friday, May 17, 2013

PSYCHED for summer!

The last few days have been emotional with packing and moving and no more exams and lots more goodbyes. Wednesday night we threw a fabulous surprise farewell party for a very oblivious Reylon, with many of his closest friends and entrywaymates turning out to shower him with love, song, and pizza.

Yesterday came my last exam of the year, a truly tragic event -- I stayed in my Latin classroom until the very last possible moment, twiddling my thumbs and staring at my professor and trying to draw out my freshman year as long as possible. I cried when I turned in my test and left the room.

In the evening, the Opportunes had our last private gig of the season at the Faculty Club (throwback to our first gig this year!), where our beautiful seniors performed their last public rendering of "Midnight Train to Georgia" amidst laughs from the audience and tears from Bernie.

After a night of packing and snacking and New Girl, I fell asleep hoping to stay in bed for as much of today as possible to ignore the impending ending of my time at school (healthy, I know). But the sun came out this morning! And my roomie and I have spent the last hour freaking out about how beautifully our summers are falling into place.

Just as I got the news that the lovely Laurita Kambourian will be joining me at my internship in MEXICO CITY this summer, Eliza Chang received a call with the job offer of a lifetime: this ultimate girl will be working in Cambridge this summer as a research assistant for a project to design a groundbreaking online course aimed to purvey entrepreneurial skills to empower young, high-potential, under-resourced women. GO GIRL POWER!

I'm now even more pumped for my time in Mexico (if that were possible), where I'll be helping with a water/energy conservation project for the Centro Mario Molina while doing independent research on sustainable cities and designing and running a Sense & Sustainability internship for high school students. This will mean lots of researching and typing and blogging and Skyping, all in between day trips and heart-to-hearts with my dearest friend! I can't imagine a more idyllic month.

Before I leave for home, I'll be spending these last two weeks on campus recording with the Opportunes and squeezing in every second I can with other friends who are still here on campus. That's all for now -- off to the Charles River for an afternoon of kayaking...and then more packing. I'm SO psyched for summer.


  1. what's the name of the organization that your friend Eliza will be working on? it seems very interesting.

    1. The organization is a start-up and actually doesn't have a name yet! But she is helping a woman named Vanessa Beary conduct independent research. It is indeed a super interesting project!

  2. ksdlghzslkdgjhaslkgjh I MISS YOU