Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer: Week 1

Harvard exists at a very different pace over the summer. People get lost in conversation waiting for the signal to change and forget to cross the street at crosswalks. Pedestrians make eye contact and smile at one another. The hustle and bustle of this college town slows down for these few weeks, and it's a very different environment than we're used to.

It's sad to see so many of the campus' student's gone, but my friends who are here have been finding new ways to spend time together and enjoy the sunshine and the end of a euphorically successful freshman year.

On Saturday night, a group of my favorite people gathered at Reylon's gorgeous new summer apartment (see above) to celebrate the completion of our exams! Eliza, Allison, Javier, and I headed over from Greenough to salsa / Bhangra / twerk with me as DJ. I very quickly realized that my iPod does not have much music that is in English.

It was lovely to finally spend some crazy time with the friends who have been imploring me to go to parties all year, and we all woke up happy and exhausted Sunday morning, just in time to be kicked out of our rooms at noon.

After a frantic morning of last minute packing and sweeping and lugging and locking, I turned in my freshman dorm keys just in time and said a protracted goodbye to Javier as he headed to the airport. Then it was time for a lunch with Dylan and our task of the afternoon: moving our things to summer housing.

After a marathon of a morning, Dylan and I called a very interesting taxi to move our things to the quad, where we'll be living as we record our CD with the Opportunes this summer. Each member of the group is assigned a studio slot this week, so I'll be recording for a while this Tuesday and Wednesday, and spending the rest of the time hanging out with the Opportunes and continuing to work on projects for Sense & Sustainability. In addition, I'm hoping to meet up with some of my professors this week to debrief on the semester, and possibly spend the weekend with Mr. Chanania at his beautiful home in West Newbury!

I'm spending today getting caught up on end-of-semester course evaluations, work for my internship, and the music I'll be recording tomorrow. This evening, I plan to attend a barbecue with Reylon, who cooked an incredible Chinese meal for me last night!

This new pace of life is refreshing but will take some getting used to after the rush of the semester. Maybe I should use this time to learn to cook from Reylon, as suggested by my mom...

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  1. Wow, that food and that room and those women, your life is so beautiful! :)