Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 264: All I do is words.

I did not miss productivity for long this morning! Soon after waking, I re-read the section in The Power of Now that basically backs up Vipassana. I then headed to school where, after skipping around his office with excitement that I was well again, Mr. Chang started listing projects for me to work on for the rest of my internship. Among bagging candy, framing certificates, and taking screen shots were scattered more exciting tasks like designing a flier advertising Castra Latina!

My cold-afflicted eyes watered only minimally today, and I was able to bear the sight of my screen enough to work at a fairly steady pace. For Mr. Chang's last Latin II Honors class of the year, he had prepared a game to encourage students to learn the sequence of events leading to the founding of Rome through art depicting the same.

Students were given 16 pieces of artwork, and instructions to order the works in chronological order according to the narratives they have been reading on Rome's founding. I remember doing this activity as a freshman, so it was rather special to be administering it as a "13th grader." In fact, that's what's been special about this whole internship -- getting to be on the other side of this process that I've long benefited from, and that too alongside my teaching idol!

The last class of the year went very well and it was a lot of fun to watch Mr. Chang teach again!

We distributed yearbooks to various faculty members after school before I finished up one of the aforementioned projects (outlining a curriculum for a student Mr. Chang is tutoring) before hopping on the bus.

Dregs of my sickness still do remain, as evidenced by the fact that I keeled over for a 4-hour nap upon my return home. I just got up and have been meditating and reviewing Zane's final history project with him since then.

Pumped for Reading Day tomorrow!

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