Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 252: All you can do is keep breathing.

I am proud of two big accomplishments today.

First, I finally finished the first draft of the test I will be administering to my students this coming Monday. I started the process early this week, and it included writing free answer, multiple choice, and translation questions based on a number of passages I chose. (Grading these tests will be fun -- yikes!) Today's final touches included looking up every single Latin word on the test in the dictionary to see if it had any lōng mārks -- not as bad as I had predicted! Mr. Chang and I have started reviewing this version together and I will be making the necessary changes tomorrow.

Second, I DROVE A CAR FOR THE FIRST TIME! I had a good lesson with a great instructor whose first words to me were, "please sit in the driver's seat." AH! This is daily fare for most students but it was new to me and super exciting. Surprisingly, I really like driving and am not terrible at it! My biggest accomplishment, though, was hitting the curb right at the spot where the gutter was, and causing a flat tire. In other words, I learned to change a tire today!

(Though this photo may make it seem as though I was merely snapping photos as this inconvenience occurred, I was in fact very helpful in the changing of the above tire.)

Upon my return home, Mama requested me to accompany her to Stuti Auntie's house to look at her jewelry designs. Though I rarely wear jewelry, I was happy to meet her and see her work.

I unfortunately had to forgo my hour of meditation today, but did squeeze in a satisfying workout before starting this post. Now it's a shower and test edits before snoozing for another day of school!

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