Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 273: "Never let your arms be an afterthought."

After meditating on Marina for quite a while this morning, I read a selection in The Power of Now. Over breakfast, I contacted a future Gyaan Ghar intern to discuss what her role will be during the students' summer vacation. I look forward to the contributions Raina will be able to make in improving the students' confidence in speaking English. Before leaving the house, I laid out the cosmetics I would need to get my sister and her girlies dolled up tonight!

At school, I attempted to organize Latin Convention forms for students (though I'm usually not even able to handle my own). This ended in a wrestling match with the copy machine, which I'm sad to say I lost.

This afternoon was host to an event I'm been looking forward to for a long time -- a ballet class taught by Miss Aimee! I of course can't dance at all, but being in the room with Aimee teaching (and dancing!) was such an experience. I've always marveled at her talent, but it was evident to me today more than ever how a year at arts school has changed the way she looks at things and experiences herself. Her four students were constantly exchanging amused glances over the adorable way in which she explains things, and Jennifer and I were absolutely in awe of her amazing eloquence and poise. Our jaws just dropped at the way she explained even the simplest actions, and the confidence she's gained this year (as though she wasn't confident before . . . ). I was just so happy and honored to be there, and at one point in class, a chill ran through my spine as I realized that "Aimee Marich" will soon be a household name as she pursues her brilliant dancing career -- and I will be able to say I got to take a class with her!

Back at home, my work was cut out for me: to make three young ladies look spectacular for the 8th grade formal tonight. Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but they do look fabulous!

Papa and I went to drop the girls off at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens for the dance, and returned just now, to the 8th grade parents' dinner, which is being hosted at our house this year. I unfortunately am not feeling great (surprising?) so I'll rest awhile before mingling with the parents. Au revoir!

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