Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 251: Gonna live until I'm dead.

Once again, Howard Chang was correct: the length of my blog posts will indeed be abridged over these next few hectic and exhilarating days at Flint Hill.

My Latin II Honors class was fun again today -- we played a game (registered trademark of Howard Chang) to review the translation they had done the night before, followed by an intense explanation of purpose and result clauses.

What made today even more enjoyable, though, is the conversations Mr. Chang and I had between class periods, about best practices for school and for life. Our talks apparently now have "layers and ribbons" of meaning, which we both really enjoy. Philosophizing for the win.

There was more lesson-planning and email-responding and form-submitting and test-typing during planning periods, of course.

After school, Katie, Laura, and I went crazy.

We went to the mall and got lessons on college life from Katie while chowing down on some Panda Express (or Chipotle, based on preference). Although Laura and I did all the trying, Katie seemed to do all the buying. We two left Tysons holding nothing but the knowledge we had just accrued, while Katie toted the bags below.

Back at home, I meditated for an hour before talking to Laura for another, and then starting a strange workout of yoga to Spanish music.

Then it was shower-taking and more test-typing and lesson-planning and Wiki-writing before starting this post. My infamous headache is coming back! Good night.

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