Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 269: It's all because of you that I'm through.

I did some minimal yoga this morning before catching up with my g-parents (Nani, Nanaji, Dadi). Dadi and I discussed our plans for Gyaan Ghar during the students' month of holidays, and I spent some time after our call contacting potential volunteers who would be interested in working with our students during this time.

Next, I caught up on a bunch of minute tasks -- making a massage appointment for Mama and making an optometrist appointment for Priya and making cell service changes for the three of us.  Mama and I then worked on reorganizing the wires around our TV cabinet -- this task led to some minor mechanical machoism on my part, as I was proud to have unplugged and rewired our wireless router. But barely!

The three of us later sat down with my laptop for a mini shopping spree on Amazon. Eight assorted iPhone cases should be in the mail any time now!

I meditated for an hour after lunch, before working out in the basement. We washed up and went out to do some errands, and before we knew it, it was time to get dressed for tonight's surprise party for Panneer Uncle -- we are on our way now!


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