Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 247: "We owe no one our nothings" but I want everyone to be my everything.

This morning, we took Prabha Auntie and Arvind Uncle for a tour of Annapolis, one of our family's favorite places.

Our first stop, of course, was Storm Bros. Ice Cream Factory. Regardless of the time of day or flavor chosen, this place is yummy every time. I strongly recommend it!

When I had finished my mocha almond fudge and everyone else had polished off their coconut ice creams, we embarked on a 90-minute cruise of the Chesapeake Bay. Priya and I were sure to have our matching skirts photographed on every inch of the vessel.

We grabbed a bite at O'Brien's Oyster Bar and Restaurant (which happened to be situated at 113 Main Street) before strolling up this street and taking in the serene sights.

We then retreated (well actually, advanced) to Crab Deck for tea, shrimp, another ice cream for Auntie, and more photos.

We left Annapolis in the late afternoon and raced back to Reston for my exciting dinner appointment. I meditated in the car. We touched down at home for an outfit change before taking off for the Town Center. There, I caught up with my other family!

Yes, we all have fantastically feline eyes.

This night was one I'd been looking forward to for a long time -- when I finally got to introduce Laura to Iman and Zane, and have so many of my most favorite people seated around the same table! The evening was comprised of mispronouncing "Cinco de Mayo," looking for a place to charge my iPhone, being insulted by the newly witty Nizario, inflating Zane's ego, meeting Trevor Maco, and much more. I can't wait to do this again!

Laura and I gaped like lunatics at the humongous moon on the way home, before collapsing in my room for a discussion of meditation, which led to a discussion of everything else. She now reads A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as I type this post, way past my blog curfew!

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