Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 254: "You're a polite diva."

I awoke this morning sore from yesterday's workout and read a bit of The Power of Now before embarking on an hour of mindful meditation. I had barely eaten brunch, updated my résumé, and showered before it was time to make my way to the Pope studio for a recording sesh with Melvin Taylor and the rapper Matt Christian.

Today, we worked on a song we had started writing before I left for India but never completed. The first step was for me to lay down my vocals (Melvin had already recorded the music).

Then, we shot a video for YouTube (coming soon!) and I got to hear Matt rap for the first time. OH. MY. GOSH. I already knew he was a super talented guy but I couldn't really get over his rapping until...well, I still haven't.

Blown away and hungry, I hopped in Ryan "Babes" Barbalace's car for dinner with the bros.

I love this photo!

We grabbed some Chipotle before settling in on the steps for some intense people-watching as I talked the boys' ears off. The lively evening atmosphere of Fairfax Corner, coupled with old memories and new jokes, made for  a really enjoyable time. Jacob and I begrudgingly walked "Tiger" to his car and admired the fact that he had gotten away with murder by escaping ticket-free despite his shoddy parking job.

We also ran into two sets of siblings -- the Fellows sisters and the Cleveland kids -- good times! Jacob and I wandered around the plaza catching up on one another's favorite new songs until our respective rides came. Then it was freakish dancing with Priya and Genna in the car and another mean-to-myself workout before preparing this post.

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