Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 260: I like my education hard-assed and old-fashioned.

Sick days are so satisfying! I've forgone dinner plans both with my Varlets and with Omar's family to get some rest, but let me first fill you in on my day full of energy and tissues!

I started the morning with (a missed bus and) a meeting with a parent to discuss the college admissions process. Because I know the student in question quite well, I was able to share my insight on his strengths and areas on which to focus during the process. The conversation was a really enjoyable one, and it was touching to see the mother's concern for and appreciation of her child.

During long advisory, I traipsed on over to the English hallway to get a taste of the Kotey Experience. She filled me in on married life before I took a look at her exam for editorial purposes, and started ranting about my idea of an ideal education (opinion summed up in title of this post).

My big project for today was to write Certamen questions for an upcoming competition. I started this task next, with a pleasant interruption by Aimoo Maroo, the dancer!

After a zany lunch break, I got back to work on the questions, and was able to finish them as I helped Mr. Andino proctor a test being administered to his Latin I class. Then, it was time for Certamen practice and a quick debrief of the day with Mr. Chang, during which I was graced with a surprise visit from my big sister Tierney! She'll be leaving for Chicago tomorrow and just wanted to say "bye" -- awww.

I powered my way through some grading before we started to ready the Commons for tonight's Classics Club Awards Ceremony. Trying to recount the pathos of the night may be a bit too much for weary me, but it was tough to have to see leaders leaving again! But this night is often one of my favorites of the year, and tonight was just the same!

Post-ceremony, I bolted to the door, eager to come home and rest. That hasn't really been possible yet, but I'm hoping to start now! Right after I heat up dinner . . . Good night!

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