Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 267: I LOVE VERBS!

Today has made me breathless!

I started the morning with a conversation with Ms. Noojin that was so good I didn't want to leave her office! I eventually had to depart, though, and headed back to B-235 to start grading the exams taken by the Latin II Honors class. Doing this task actually filled me with glee -- the students performed so well on such a challenging assessment! Yet another testament to Mr. Chang's magic.

After the morning exam block, I got to work training Patrick intensely for this year's state Certamen tryouts. Although many parts of my day were spectacular, this was my favorite. I AM IN LOVE WITH GRAMMAR. It's not even funny how happy it made me to flip through the Compendium and drill this kid on the most obscure language concepts. I love words. I love Latin. I love grammar.

After 4 hours of our studying (!), Mr. Chang read questions for Patrick and me to play against one another and work on speed. This got me in my edgy Certamen mode, which felt good! I can't really compare any feeling to that of competing in this crazy intense esoteric competition.

Post Patrick practice, Nizar came to school to interview Mr. Chang for an article he is writing in Virginia's state Classics publication, the Forum. I'm surprised I've never sat down with Mr. Chang and listened to his life story, but I got to do that today and it was so interesting and only increased my respect for him. That and he went to Governor's School with Jason Mraz. Just saying.

This interview continued at Starbucks with Lindsay "Rufus" Ellmore, an FHS alumna and good friend of mine. It was fun to have another person to help us ridicule (and judge) Chang.

Nizar and I hurried slowly to the mall after this for some quality VarleTime with PSang. The evening got off to peculiar start when a huge lump of frozen yogurt randomly fell out of the sky and into my hair, which wasn't looking that great to start with. The night only got better (and more hilarious) from this point forward, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending some solid time with my besties.

On the way home, I forced Nizar to listen to the newest original song by Melvin Taylor, Matt Christian, and me. I would now like to exhort you all to do the same by clicking here!

I am so tired but I would willingly trade every ounce of my energy daily for this feeling.


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