Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 46: "You have a beautiful mind."

After packing the parents off to Peru and perusing a poem by a preeminent poet, Nani and I watched the dedication of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on television. I was very proud to have visited it, and very touched by President Obama's dedication speech. I particularly like how he appealed to many of Dr. King's ideals, such as a belief in the goodness (and oneness) of all people. I also appreciate his reference to MLK's conception of "isness" (the world as it currently exists) vs. "oughtness" (the world as it should be).

After Obama's speech, CNN aired Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech in its entirety. Watching this after just having seen our current president's oration was a great testament to how far we have come, and of course, a reminder of how much more we can do. I actually got chills when I heard some of the more famous lines spoken by Dr. King himself -- this was a really inspiring way the spend my morning.

Photo credit: the "just ok" Laura Kambourian
After some lunch and scrubbing of the kitchen, we three ladies settled in for our afternoon naps. Once awake, I received a visit from Varlet #1 Nizar Zahed. We had a good discussion about many things on his mind and a few on mine, once he had gotten used to my newest habit of taking notes all the time! This talk was very productive, and helped me apply the optimism I have learned from my job at Sasha Bruce. I look forward to Nizar's birthday on Tuesday!

After Nizar left, I helped Nani prepare dinner (we had the most delicious chicken), and then did tons of dishes (my favorite). I now plan to participate in a pretty pleasing piano party with Priya.

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