Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dia 32: I'll only fly away.

October 2nd will go down in Ratna history as the Day of Five Flights.

Flight 1: Reminiscing

I spent the chopper ride from the Yawanawa village to Tarauaca just missing them. It was difficult when our helicopter turned away from the village to depart. Papa could barely get me to say a word during the flight, and all I was really doing was holding my feather hair decoration in a way that it wouldn't get damaged by the wind!

When we arrived at Aeroporto do Tarauca, I slept on a bench for a while before going for a short stroll through town.

Flight 2: Realizing

During the next helicopter ride (to Rio Branco), it hit me in a more real way that we were flying over THE AMAZIN' AMAZON!! I took tons of photos (mainly to show to Mr. Chanania's AP Environmental class) and meditated in the pristine surroundings.

They weren't all pristine though, as we passed many patches which had fallen victim to slash and burn deforestation. From above, it was also more stark than ever how much destruction is caused by roads! Deforested areas corresponded perfectly with places touched by the highway, a much more telling lesson than one read from a science book.

Flight 3: Reading

From Rio Branco to Brasilia, I read some more of my bud Ovid's Ars Amatoria.

Flight 4: Recording

From Brasilia to Salvador Bahia, I wrote about our adventures of the past few days. (See my post about Dia 31.)

 Flight 5: Relaxing

From Salvador to Recife, I . . . slept!  I actually had quite an embarrassing encounter: since we were to stay on the same plane for the next leg of our journey, I decided to sprawl over three seats while awaiting our new co-passengers to board. Being awoken by those whose seats I had "borrowed" was awkward at best. :)

(Lesson of the day: Why go for R and R when you can have R and R and R and R and R with R?)

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