Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 48: Time is a farce.

This morning was one of over-sleeping and Starbucks-hopping. My alarm rang at 6, at which point I dismissed it and went back to sleep. Imagine my chagrin when I received a call from Mrs. Bergman (who is driving me to DC these next 2 weeks) at 6:41, informing me that she had just left her house! I was out the door at 6:45 -- 4 minutes is definitely my my record for getting dressed in the morning.

Breakfast and make-up were left for my favorite Starbucks, on the intersection of 18th and H. It was here that I read Sonnet 48. I then hopped on the train and got a bit of shut-eye, thankfully not losing track of time during this ride. Once on the street where Sasha Bruce "lives," I sat in the Starbucks on 8th SE and caught up on headlines in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune, as well as CNN.com. It was then time to head to the office.

Waiting for Jill and Vera to arrive, I read more information about the Geneva Declaration, as well as the 2-page declaration itself (http://www.genevadeclaration.org/the-geneva-declaration/what-is-the-declaration.html). I also spied a plaque describing Obama's visit to Sasha Bruce Youthwork on the day before his inauguration! (I learned the other day that Yale alumni visited SBY this summer as well -- how legit.)

When Jill arrived, she asked me to help her out in drafting letters to members of the Board of Directors thanking them for their donations to the Help the Homeless mini-walk taking place in early November. When I had typed about 12 letters, I headed next door to help Vera with some filing. During this time, I heard that Jess would not be able to go to a meeting on Ethics this Thursday, so I volunteered to go instead. It should be interesting!

After filing, it was time for more research! This time, Vera wanted information on 2 approaches to counseling -- Functional Family Therapy (FFT) and Multisystemic Therapy (MST). FFT seems like another way of framing Sasha Bruce's holistic competency-based approach, and MST strikes me as going a step further in terms of the counselor's role and availability (similar to intensive third party monitoring). To see the fact sheets I compiled, click the following link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5018004/FFT%20and%20MST.docx.

Printing the letters I typed this morning, I got to chat with my colleague Bart, who works for the Development Office. It was fun telling him about my reasons for taking a year off, and sharing with him my (amazing) experiences at Sasha Bruce thus far. (Bart's newest hobby is exclaiming, "she's going to Harvard!" every time he sees me conversing with anyone in the hallway.)

Once home, I caught up with Nani before going for a jog and welcoming Miss Priya home. I then learned that many of my recently-graduated friends are going to be in the area this weekend for Homecoming -- how exciting!

After taking a shower, reading an Economist blurb on education, and dialing some calls to India for Nani, I prepare for bed, hoping to avoid a repeat of this morning!

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