Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 43: I woke up for YOU this morning.

Since Mama and Papa are traveling to Peru and Bolivia soon, the three of us drove in to DC together today so Mama could visit the embassy. After I bid Mama farewell at Metro Center, read Sonnet 43, and listened to “Someone Like You” an appropriate number of times, I had arrived at Eastern Market!

Today was my research day. Before I left for Brazil, Melva Williams, who is in charge of SBY’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP), had given me a little assignment. TOP teaches life skills a few times a week at Ballou Public High School, during the school’s usual social studies block. In order to maximize time spent on traditional social studies curricula, we hope to integrate our outreach efforts with their social studies lessons in a streamlined fashion. DC Public Schools (DCPS) has recently introduced a style of question which asks for an Extended Constructed Response (ECR) -- my job was to delve into what this is.

Today, I sent Melva a simple definition and basic explanation of the structure of an Extended Constructed Response question. I also compiled a short set of suggestions for standard Ballou High School social studies topics which could be integrated effectively with each of TOP's awareness goals to write ECR questions.

To see my initial research, click the following link:

The Golden Temple
After grabbing takeout from Fusion Grill up the street from Sasha Bruce, I returned to my office and made the acquaintance of a very friendly colleague named Adam. Adam spent about 3 weeks in north India last year, and absolutely loved it! He said visiting the Golden Temple was a religious experience for him, and not even for religious reasons -- which I totally understand. And his statement “I love Sikh people” made me grin.

In the afternoon, I caught the tail end of Intern Consultation with Ginny. During these bi-monthly sessions, Ginny Hughes (SBY Clinical Director) trains interns on counseling youth and their families by showing videos, sharing experiences, and shedding light on specific clients’ cases.

Feeling a bit too ill to be terribly productive in the office, I headed to one of my favorite places on the planet -- Flint Hill School. While Priya was at her volleyball scrimmage, I went to the main office and got to see Mrs. Williams -- it’s always great to see one of the most cheerful and organized people I know. As an extra bonus, who should walk in but the one and only BRIAN LAMONT?! Telling them both about my gap year was great, and being simultaneously teased and praised by Mr. Lamont was just like old times.

After saying a brief “χαίρε” to Dr. Marchetti, I walked to the language hallway with Ryan Ackerman (RACKERMAN). This kid has an incredibly tough schedule this year, and is handling it marvelously well. Luckily, he also has incredibly supportive teachers and quite a work ethic, so I know he’s going to do great.

My Latin bookshelf!
Done with “socializing” outside Magister Chang’s room, I barged in (carefree alumna that I am) and took up at least half an hour of his precious planning time. :) It was really fun to tell him about my heartland (Brasil) and hear about preparations for Certamen this Saturday (WOOT! WOOT!). I also received homework for my winter in India, consisting of another 3 books to add to my already robust (and lovely) Latin book collection. I can make all the jokes I want, but am truly very thankful that someone is looking out for my Latin and making sure it doesn’t become too rusty, as my mother apparently seems to think it has! Magister Chang also lent me Roman Holiday, which I look forward to watching.

On our way out, we ran into Mr. Pryor, who shared that he has been reading my blog! I could certainly tell, as he referenced specific photographs and entries, even pointing out the one day I had not been able to post! I am so excited to hear that he has been reading -- thank you, Mr. Pryor!!

We drove through the monsoon, listening to Mama’s accounts of the bus-riding adventures she had today, and were greeted by Nani when we arrived home! I tried to take a 34-minute nap, but was too excited to fall asleep (for some strange reason, today feels like my birthday). I now look forward to a delicious dinner made by Mama and Nani -- yummm.

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