Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 55: Pray a mile in my shoes.

My Starbucks-hopping missions were very successful this morning! Walking from 18th to Farragut West, I realized that I have started subconsciously praying very often while striding in the city. Perhaps the rhythm of my prayer goes well with the brisk pace of my feet?

I sit in the car and enjoy an elegant moon.

At the Farragust West Starbucks, I was deliberating between reading an Economist article on global education and another Scientific American one on urbanization. Since I really enjoyed my urban article yesterday, I went for the Scientific American. The article I flipped to was called Brains over Buildings: to rejuvenate urban centers, look to teachers and entrepreneurs -- I just can't escape the teaching profession, can I? :) Inspired by this article, I started to plan the lessons on which I will be focusing with my students at Gyaan Ghar this winter. Our first 2 units in late November are going to be "The Importance of Education" and "Environmental Conservation." Typical Sproutna.

I stand on the escalator about to emerge at Eastern Market.

After my train ride (made nautical by 1,000 Ships), I arrived at the "Sasha Bruce Starbucks." Here, I cracked open Ars Amatoria and said "salve" to Ovid for the day. Rather than just reading, I wrote out my translation this time, and even scanned a few lines. (Thanks, Mr. Chang!)

At the office, I got cracking in Vera's room, organizing files by program and program director -- I think I finally have a system!

The shoes are always the first to go.
 SBY Founder Debbie Shore came by the office at one point, and updated me on the Brazilian exchange program she had mentioned to me a few weeks ago. Staff members from the Brasilia office will be here next week -- I look forward to hosting them when I return from Geneva!

After oodles of office organization, I discussed with Melva the human resources work I will be doing from home tomorrow, as well as some further curriculum design for the Teen Outreach Program in which I am interested. I then ran up 8th St to Dunkin' Donuts and back with coffee for Vera and Melva (sometimes, I like to be that intern) before darting back up the street to catch the metro. 

Miraculously, I found myself at Flint Hill School! I headed to the AP Latin class and went over some literary devices in the Aeneid with Jake, Nizar, Nora, and Patrick in the last few minutes of the period. After school, I helped the Classics Club with some projects such as finalizing the newsletter, decorating the bulletin board, and recording cheers for Convention.

I then got to chat with Dee Dee on the way home! Talking to my bus driver was the wonderful way I ended each school day at Flint Hill while I was there for 8 years -- it was a great drive down memory lane. I had given Dee Dee print-outs of my posts from Brazil last week, so she had lots of questions and comments about my trip. I also learned that her sister used to work with youth in Anacostia, using theater as a way to keep them out of gang violence. I promised to put her in touch with Sasha Bruce to see if they can collaborate somehow.

The walk home was appropriately autumnal, and we paused at plenty of points to procure pretty pictures.

 Nature has a steady hand.

At home, Nani and I watched The Pink Panther for a while, before I received a call from my gorgeous hubby, Bryce. After conversatin' with him, I'm ready for a yummy meal before bed!

Pray a mile in my shoes.

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