Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 51: FIRE!

I rolled out of bed at 11 this morning to a freezing house and a toasty breakfast. Nani sipped her green tea as I enjoyed my Tazo Chai and listened to stories of her childhood. After our morning chat, I attempted to put the heating on (let's hope it works) and unloaded the dishwasher while Nani organized Mama's spice cabinet. Before Nani bathed, I scrubbed her bathtub -- there's a first time for everything! I doubt I did a very good job, but it was like washing a big ol' dish, and I've been a fan of washing dishes ever since I was a wee one (I even wrote about it once:

After a phone call to Dadi to plan a Diwali celebration for Gyaan Ghar students, I hopped in the shower. Then, we were graced by a visit from my amazing Sathya Auntie! She already knew all about my days, as she has been keeping up with my blog (thank you!) but I got to tell her more about my travels, both near (DC) and far (Brasil) -- and hear about what my brothers Karthik and Babloo are doing in Philly and London respectively. Meeting Sathya Auntie always makes me very happy, so I left for Flint Hill in a marvelous mood.

The fantastic Fall weather did little to change this. At the ol' alma mater, I helped a bit with the Classics Club bulletin board (huge thanks to Grace Kim for helping out), and was later requested to cream Patrick at Certamen. Coach Andino gave Varlet #0's team a 125-point handicap before realizing that they would not need it playing me! Nevertheless, it was an exciting match -- I ended up winning on a "bogus" hyperbole question (admit it, Patrick).

After this scrimmage, Dr. Marchetti told me a "story" -- what this turned out to be was a lesson on his theory of how the discipline of mathematics may actually have been born from the study of music. (An art may have given birth to math! YES!) Needless to say, this was fascinating (see below), and I look forward to seeing how Dr. Marchetti will further flesh out his mind-blowing theory. We chatted about some of the classes he is teaching this year, before heading outside for the bonfire.

Before the gathering, I got to catch up with a lot of great friends like Bradley Johnson, Zane Homsi, Doug Stevens, Ren Simpson, Ryan Barbalace, and Mr. Cosby! Seeing everyone again is always so heartwarming. I also got to say "hey" to my new 9-year-old friend Sam (whom I met at Certamen) again -- his newest way of saying goodbye is "peace!" in a very gangster tone of voice.

The fire itself was beautiful. I'd never been to Flint Hill's Homecoming bonfire before, and it really is a great event. My favorite moment came when discussing deep existential questions with my best friend Bryce Johnson while peering into the flames. So deep, Bryce.

After the bonfire, we went out to celebrate Varlet #1's birthday, which was this past Tuesday. Nizar, Patrick, Natalie, and I had a great time at P.F. Chang's with Nizar's fun parents and brother Malek. (His mom Bassima is my best friend.) Highlights of the night included Natalie and Ratna freaking the boys out by giggling girlishly, and Ratna yelling the "happy birthday" song to Nizar over dessert. Good times.

After good conversation in the car on the way home, my lovely sister Priya greeted me at the door. We look forward to more Homecoming festivities tomorrow!


  1. Some time I want to hear that theory of music and math! that sounds amazingly philosophical! I always knew that music and math were intertwined! Sadly I can't fathom out much from the lovely chart. :(
    I wish I'd known Nizar's birthday was this week, I would have told him Felicem Natalem @ Kickoff (guilty grin from the person who always asks people their birthdays and then forgets them right away).Well, you can tell him happy belated birthday from me.

  2. Dr. Marchetti and I can definitely explain the theory to you. It's like ACTUALLY mind-blowing.

    I will say "felicem natalem" from you! Thanks, girl!