Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 44: All I need is the air I breathe.

Before going to Sasha Bruce this morning, I stopped at the World Bank ID Office to have a permanent building pass made so I can drop by Pop's ol' workplace whenever I please. (As you can see, I was pretty excited about getting this "official" ID and wore it with pride.)

Having read Shakespeare's long-distance-plagued Sonnet 44, I headed to SBY's Development Office to help Jillian Cotton with the organization's fundraising efforts. I drafted photography waivers to be sent to the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) and Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), as well as a letter to a potential corporate sponsor, before reviewing pictures to be included in this year's Annual Report.

After grabbing lunch from Pret A Manger, I set off for Flint Hill again. Today, I got to visit the lovely Señora (Linda!) Manning and tell her all about my gap year. Ms. Manning was a huge supporter of the idea from the start, so it was great to report back to her and let her know I made the right choice! She also used to work at Harvard, and helped me greatly with that decision as well -- I sure owe her a lot.

(I also ran into Ms. Cardone in the hallway, and promised to find her a Brazilian husband as I search for my own.)

Next, it was off to teach grammar to Latin II students. I introduced the accusative of duration of time, ablative of comparison, and dative of possession to 4 Certamen players before my best friend Woojin Kim ambled down the hallway. We then read questions to some younger students before playing against the upper level team -- I think we were pretty good for the washed-up scrubs we are. :) We were joined at practice by the infamous James Abrahamsen, whom Magister Chang, of course, immediately put to work collating.

Post practice, Wooj, James, and I went to Chick-fil-A for dinner #1. Hearing their crazy college stories was a blast.

After dinner #1, the family took Nani out to Coastal Flats for dinner #2 (don't worry; I didn't eat twice). 

Five smiles and one jam session later, I settled in to write this post. I look forward to Kick-Off Certamen tomorrow!!

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  1. It was wonderful to see you too, mi querida Ratna. Your enthusiasm and love for life truly inspire me! xoxo