Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 56: I can ride my bike with no Handel bars.

Happy Diwali, everyone! The students at Gyaan Ghar celebrated today by dressing up and acting out the story of Diwali in class. Photos and stories should be incoming! 

After laundry and Sonnet 56, Nani and I ventured to Tysons Corner Mall. I played the role of spoiled grandchild perfectly, buying everything in sight. (Well, not quite, but I purchased a lot by my standards.)

Between a sweet snack at Cinnabon and a lovely lunch at Coastal Flats, I searched for the perfect pair of boots for my upcoming trip to Switzerland (Saturday through Tuesday) -- I was successful!

Nani and I had a great time, laughing and joking around until it was time to head home and receive Priya from the bus.

Before her coach arrived, I started on the list of tasks I had on this day of working from home. I sent a number of organizational emails and made a few "administrative" calls.

My biggest job was to go through a stack of applications for a position at Sasha Bruce, and call all the applicants to see if they were still interested (it's been a while since they applied). Making 21 phone calls took longer than I expected! It was really interesting to chat with some of the candidates -- I got to narrate the whole history of Sasha Bruce Youthwork to one of them, which was a fun challenge! Having called each applicant and compiled their responses into a document, I alphabetized the applications and sorted them by the candidate's interest.

After picking up Priya, I made a very special phone call to the home of Birinder Uncle, whom I had met on the way to the art gallery on Day 50. Hardeep Auntie (his wife) sent me a "Happy Diwali" email this morning, so I was returning her greetings. I got to have a wooonderful talk with their daughter Sami about India and children and other beautiful things. This conversation was my encounter of infinite value for today. I look forward to seeing their family soon and getting to know them better!

As if good tidings would never end, I cracked open the CD that Dee Dee had given me to listen to when I went to collect Priya from the bus -- inside was the most touching note. I showed it to Priya, and we both teared up a bit.

With my heart very warm, I started to make sure Ratna will be warm in Geneva this weekend. I am proud to say I am DONE with my packing, with a night to spare!

My parents must be so proud!

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