Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 52: Autumn is louder than lovely.

Joke all you want about how chipper my blog posts are, but today's was a new kind of happiness. :) Homecoming. The word itself has a ring that invokes nostalgia, and, inevitably, warmth. Well, that was today.

The intelligent Arman Azad and his kind family picked Priya and me up so we could attend the event at Flint Hill. With Priya at the volleyball game, I headed to the Classics Club booth to help out (i.e. "socialize" and be a distraction).

When P-Sang and I had taken a look at his draft of the club's newsletter, Niz and I made a quick Starbucks run to visit our favorite barista (who paid for my drink before I could -- what a jerk). Laura's multitasking abilities are astounding, as she prepared delicious drinks (she really put her "heart" into them) while having countless photographs clicked of her. What a celeb.

Back on "The Hill," Varlet #0 and I had a very touching conversation about friendship (de amicitiā) and life in general. Thanks, Pat. We then "made the rounds," checking out the Alumni Tent and greeting many of the incredible teachers and parents who make our Flint Hill community what it is.

As the afternoon's football game began, I caught sight of the beautiful superstar Iman Karram! It's always a pleasure to see her.

I then received a phone call from my close friend Ryan Barbalace (who attends Wake Forest), saying he had arrived. Since Ryan (Rye Bread / Tiger / Barbie / BeardEncaje) refuses to read my blog, he insisted that I fill him in on my life firsthand. The next few hours were spent summarizing my existence from the beginning of the summer to now (speaking quickly is one of my greatest talents). Talking with Ryan is such a treat, as he's seen me through some of the tougher times in high school, and (somehow) manages to understand me so well.

Later, we got to freak out with a real friend who does read my blog, Aimee Marich!! We've done a good job staying informed about one another's lives over the last few months, but it was awesome to finally be able to eulogize in person! I hope to visit Aimee at school soon and see all the incredible Philly sights she describes.

After the game, we headed home, and Mrs. Azad checked out my blog, which Arman reads daily -- thank you, Azad family! I then went for a jog, as I had promised Ryan I would. I'm no runner, but I am sure few feelings can compare with that of running in Autumn.

I watched a few scenes of Mirza Ghalib with Nani before dinner. After our meal, we were joined by the cutie Jenny Kuhlthau for a slumber party! I wrote this post as Jenny and Priya played a flute duet, and we now look forward to watching a Disney movie together.

Happy Homecoming to all, and to all a good night.