Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Yawanawa in (Cryptic) Photos

Shortly after this was taken, the boy whose head is facing slightly to the right turned around and BEAMED at me with that mischievous face which is the trademark of my favorite students. Alas, I do not speak Portuguese, or I would have taught a class in the village school. This is what is NOT in this photo.

I took this photo to capture the view from the dining room of the Yawanawa village. Slightly to the right of the frame hang a number of feather hair decorations made by the indigenous women of the community. I point them out to Papa, and remark that I had seen something similar in the Indigenous Museum in Brasilia and had wanted to buy one, but, alas, there was no gift shop. By coincidence, a few minutes later, the chief's wife presents me with the biggest and brightest of the collection as a parting gift. This is what is NOT in this photo.

I am walking behind Papa taking this photo. Behind me is a group of 5 to 7 elementary age boys. In my hair is the feather headpiece which the chief's wife has just given to me. In front of us is a helicopter. I want a photograph with the boys (who remind me of my Gyaan Ghar students) with the feathers hanging over my shoulder (which remind me of a parandi). But alas, we were late! And we needed a safety briefing before riding in the chopper. This is what is NOT in this photo.

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