Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 53: If only life had subtitles.

She sports her fave sweatshirt ... from my closet.
After our midnight snack of Belgian waffles and milk, Jenny and I finally went to bed. This morning, we enjoyed a breakfast of French toast (my fave) before playing around with Photo Booth while listening to some great tunes.

When Jenny left, I read sonnets 52 and 53. In 52, Shakespeare describes the extreme happiness he feels in waiting patiently to be reunited with his sweetheart. Through 53, he insists that any artist's rendering of beauty of any sort is actually a sub-par depiction of Shakespeare's own lover.

I then read the news. God bless the families of the 138 dead in Turkey's earthquake -- let us pray for them.

Later in the day, I did some research to help Jessie with a new program she is starting for elementary age students. I explored the benefits of art therapy and play therapy for children between the ages of 5 and 8. I also requested from my friend Sonya Chartoff some information on music therapy, which she mastered during her Senior Project this past spring. What I learned was very interesting, and will help me with the projects I have been planning for the students of Gyaan Ghar.

In the afternoon, Nani and I continued to watch Mirza Ghalib. Then, I took a look at some projects for my varlets (wait, aren't they supposed to work for me?) including a publication one of them is in charge of, and college essays the other is working on. My daily jog turned into a hybrid of running and walking, as I was feeling rather tired. I plan to make tonight an early one, and now await the yummy Paisano's we have ordered for dinner!

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