Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 47: My eyes aren't judgmental.

Today was dedicated to Fall Cleaning!

After packing Priya's lunch and seeing her off to school at 7 (as well as eating Nani's scrumptious French toast), I promptly fell back asleep until around 11. When I woke up the second time, I did some Classics Club organizational work before helping Nani prepare lunch. After a delicious meal, I commenced some major organization of my pigsty--er--bedroom. As anyone who has seen my room can imagine, this took quite some time. It was soon the hour of the arrival of Priya's bus, and Nani and I walked to the stop to pick her up. The weather was absolutely marvelous.

When the bus came, I ran on and gave the driver, who is a close friend of mine, print-outs of the blog posts I wrote in Brasil (Dee Dee doesn't have a computer). I was very happy to see her after so long, and we made plans to catch up soon.

It would have been a crime not to go running in this weather, and I'm no criminal! With my sneakers still stanky from my night in the Amazon and my nose still stuffy from the same, I went for a short jog to take in the autumnal splendor.

Upon returning, I set up two new blog pages for my writing (you can see them by clicking "My Prose" or "My Poetry" in the menu bar above). After a bath, I joined Nani and Priya for a lovely dinner. Having washed oodles of dishes, I now settle in to work on some research for my supervisor at Sasha Bruce, and then continue that Scientific American I started before Brasil! I also plan to do some reading about The Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development, as I may be attending a conference on the initiative later this month!

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  1. Ratna!

    I am so glad you sent me the link and I look forward to following your many adventures :). It sounds like such an amazing blessing to have this year to do so many incredible things!

    Love the beautiful trees in your neighborhood!