Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9: A Pilgrimage

After Sonnet 9 today (which I really liked), I hopped in the car with Papa for a day in D.C. with the lovely Laura. While I waited for her at the World Bank office, I completed Trouble at Towers Inn by Priya Gill! What a book! (But more on that another time . . . )

Once finished, I hung out in Lafayette Park waiting for Laurita to arrive. While actually finding her was quite an adventure, we were soon united and set off immediately for the most important thing to do in D.C. -- eat.

After a yummy Indian meal, we headed toward Renwick Gallery, where we enjoyed a number of interesting and captivating pieces. I was most intrigued by a bracelet modeled after a feast-laden table, and Laura by a piece called "Banquet," consisting of more than 400 individual pieces of glass on a wooden dining table (again, notice the theme).

Left: Feast Bracelet; Right: Bancketje (Banquet)
Next, we spent some time skipping around Lafayette Park and visiting the house of an old pal, Obama.

Having heard that the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was "not far" from the gallery, we decided to check it out! However, after hours of outfit changes, popsicles, cabs refusing to be hailed, and even a short visit to the Red Cross (not to worry -- it was just to use their loo), we "settled" on the National Museum of American History as an air-conditioned haven perfect for unwinding. After more (you guessed it!) snacking, we finally began the last leg of our "pilgrimage" to the memorial. One delirious walk later, we had reached our destination.

The memorial is powerful and calming, with fluid lines and the beauty of words as its central themes. Having "paid our respects," we sat at the edge of the tidal basin for a while and took in the tranquil scene.

The drive home, although uncharacteristically long due to roadblocks caused by the recent rain, was made enjoyable by today's glorious weather and talks of gap year plans for us both.

Having bid Laura "adios" for today, we returned home to my precious Priya! A bit of volleyball practice and dinner completed a wondrous day.


  1. Ratna, thank you for introducing me to your blog! What a wonderful writer and thinker you are, and what a treat for me to discover your blog. Now I look forward to reading your prior entries. I love your reading list, by the way. I was an English major and books are a sacred thing to me--I love it when I meet someone like you, who has such eclectic literary tastes. No wonder Laura thinks you're so awesome...(-:

  2. Aw, Jennifer, that is so sweet! Thank YOU for your suggestion that we see the MLK Memorial - it was a treat. And you can thank Miss Laura for my eclectic choice in books - she recommends half of them to me herself! Enjoy my blog, and again, thanks so much. (YAY for English majors!)