Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 10: When I pray, I pray for everybody.

Because I feel a bit under the weather today, my post will contain "more matter with less art." Not feeling up to yoga this morning, I read Sonnet 10, fully appreciating Shakespeare's richly expressed bitterness toward the young knave he advises. I then did a bit of research on two organizations to which I have applied for an intern position -- Sasha Bruce Youthwork and Education Pioneers -- who will be interviewing me this weekend or early next week.

After dropping Priya at the mall with her friend Avri, Papa and I had another gap year "meeting." I soon felt ill, insisting that the only thing that would fix me was watching Hamlet -- the movie. Driving around Reston and Great Falls for an hour searching for a Blockbuster (only to find that the chain has closed) certainly was an adventure, one during which my cell phone froze many a time, reminding me that I should purchase a new one. Lest this choice seem driven by planned obsolescence (an environmental outrage!), let it be known that the issue was becoming a nuisance, and my purchase was not an effort to "keep up with the times" -- that has never been a concern of mine.

With our efforts to rent Hamlet proven fruitless, I finally decided to purchase the film on my computer. This valuable acquisition led to 44 minutes and 37 seconds of pure glee -- deep enjoyment of Shakespeare's sublimely witty use of "words, words, words." There remains more bliss to be experienced; however, my darling Priya now insists that we watch a movie of her choice, and so I trudge downstairs to view the Bollywood flick We Are Family (from what I have seen so far, I don't recommend it).

Here's hoping for a healthy tomorrow!

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