Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 23: Taking notes is a hobby of mine.

Today, I had the "day off." As a treat to myself, in the car this morning, instead of reading my sonnet, I did my nails and talked to Papa.

I kept Sonnet 23 for after I had arrived in the Bank. This poem is super endearing, with Shakespeare defending his shy, soft-spoken demeanor by arguing that he offers romance through poetry and not word of mouth. In my humble opinion, his written words more than suffice. :)

After my morning latte, I found a room in which to do some "homework." I had a few emails to which to respond, as well as an article to edit for Sasha Bruce's Annual Report, before it was time for this afternoon's "Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change." This week, the World Bank conducts Annual Meetings with finance ministers from more than 150 countries. Today, these ministers convened at the Bank to discuss COP 17 (the 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the Green Climate Fund, a new initiative which will be a hot topic at the convention. Either the discussion was really interesting or I had imbibed a lot of caffeine, because I had a great time listening, taking notes, and disrupting everyone else there by asking my dad clarification questions every few minutes!

Over a scrumptious Indian lunch in the World Bank cafe, Papa and I talked about our upcoming trip to Brazil. Needless to say, this was an energizing talk. When we had finished, I was planning to attend a talk on the importance of gender equality to infrastructure. However, due to security, I was unable to enter the building in which it was held, and instead listened to a panel on violence as an obstacle to development. I enjoyed listening to Francisco Lloreda, Colombian High Presidential Advisor for Public Safety (who invited my dad to attend the panel discussion), describe Colombia's approach to crime and violence. But I would have to say my favorite part of the session was the chiastic title, "Guns and Growth: Securing Development -- Developing Security." AH!

All this excitement was followed by even more excitement -- EDITING CERTAMEN QUESTIONS! I spent a few hours compiling the questions Woojin and I have been writing over the past few weeks into two coherent, quirky, classy rounds. Once I finished, I stared at a map of Brazil and the sweet "world cloud" shown below while waiting for Papa.

When we finally got home (around 9), I caught up with my other varlet-friend before dinner. I now demand a dense duration of dream-dipped dozing.

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