Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2: Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet.

After Sonnet 2 and morning yoga, I ventured back to Flint Hill today to attend the Classics Club Officers' Retreat. At this meeting, the officers make plans for the year, including annual events, publicity, spirit, and service. It was great to see the powerhouse of NIZORA in action, and to remind Magister Chang how to use the partitive genitive! Ideas for the bulletin board and scrapbook were flying, while spirit ideas came a bit more grudgingly -- though we did end up designing a great t-shirt. Seeing everyone again was lovely, and I hope to be back soon!

At the conclusion of the retreat, my beautiful sister Laura Kambourian brought me an iced chai soy latte from her workplace at Starbucks in Oakton (please visit her and leave her a nice tip!) before we headed home. Once in our neighborhood, we encountered the delightful grandchildren of our neighbors, Anaiah (2 years) and Avani (5 months) -- playtime commenced! All tired out and sweaty, we headed home and greeted our favorite eighth grader! As I started this entry, Laura took it upon herself to help Priya with her math homework. When both Laura and my mom found the question a bit more challenging than they had anticipated, this attempt to help a middle school student turned into an affair much more frantic and competitive.

Now that the dizzying Algebra problem is solved, I sit cozily with my sisters about to enjoy a magically mindless movie, You Again!


  1. It's the NJCL theme for this year, chosen by our Horace-obsessed president Daniel Kim. It translates roughly to "he who has begun has half the deed done." It's tricky to work with!