Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 13: PANACHE!

As I rolled out of bed and checked my phone this morning, I was THRILLED to find that the Dictionary.com Word of the Day for today is PANACHE! While this is an awesome word in general, it is also a word (and abstract ideal) crucial to understanding my favorite play -- Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac, which I happen to be watching at the moment! It is the last word of the play, as well as Cyrano's most prized possession. The word can mean "flamboyance" or "a plume" (as its Latin root, penna, means), and Cyrano uses the word to refer to both the feather in his cap and his unabashed pride in his character. He knows that even when he has lost everything, he can depend on his . . . panache!

Once I had yoked in my excitement and calmed myself down, it was time for my interview with Education Pioneers! My conversation with representative Dawn Gehrung consisted of eleven very interesting (and sometimes challenging!) questions. These included one about career goals (the hardest for me to narrow down), one about my favorite and least favorite coursework responsibilities (also tough because all my classes are my favorite), and one about what "proactive initiative" means to me. The organization will contact me within a week letting me know if I make the "first cut," at which time I would be invited in for a face-to-face interview. My plan is to work with Sasha Bruce Youthwork until I hear from Education Pioneers, at which point I may decide to work (part-time) for both, if the latter offers me a position.

After the interview, I cracked open my Scientific American and read the third article on urbanization, entitled Engines of Innovation. What really struck me about this piece is that although this magazine is, naturally, a huge advocate for new technologies and all their uses, this article focuses on the merits of face-to-face networking, which is made easier by living in cities. One paragraph that made me smile reads as follows:  Humankind continues to confront enormous challenges, from endemic poverty to global warming, but the track record of our urban species makes me optimistic. I have enormous confidence in the ability of Homo sapiens to work miracles when people cooperate. our greatest gift is our ability to learn from one another, to work together, to solve problems by leveraging our collective intelligence.

Feeling a bit weak, I settled on the couch to watch Snow White on TV. Suddenly, my piano caught my eye! I spent the better part of an hour playing around (trying to arrange a sophisticated piece to a level appropriate for my piano skill or lack thereof), and came up with the following result -- I hope you like it!

Exhausted after this recording session, I hopped in bed for a quick nap, after which I again talked with Henry, this time reading a draft of his college essay and making some recommendations to him. I wish him all the best, and hope we get to go to school together next year!

A trip to Target with Mama and the evening came to a satisfying close. I eagerly await my first day at Sasha Bruce tomorrow!

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