Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5: "Kamyaab nahin; kabil hone ke liye padho."

This morning, I did post-sonnet yoga. I then commenced post-yoga book browsing. I have ordered Bhagavad Gita, Gandhi's Autobiography, and Durant's The Story of Philosophy. The first two were recommended to me by Papa as well as The Economist, which calls them "books that can change your life" ( The third is a survey of philosophy (I was looking for one of these!) recommended by Ruby Chachu (my uncle).

Next, I read an Economist article called "The daughter also rises," an account of women's progress in achieving equality in the workplace. I was surprised to find that the article is actually very optimistic,  especially about developing countries: "rapid growth in emerging markets is pulling more women into corporate life. And as they show their mettle, patriarchal attitudes are beginning to dissolve." I also think the piece does a very good job of succinctly highlighting the obstacles which face many ambitious women, such as dangerous commutes, household duties, and derisive objectification by males. The article is a great read for all you feminists out there, from the unabashed to the reluctant:

I then spent a few hours searching and applying for internships in the D.C. area. I hope to work for an educational organization here at home before heading to India and working with my school, as a way of gaining insights and ideas which can be used across the ocean.

For the next few hours, Papa and I had a "meeting" to discuss my gap year, including my internship here, my time spent with Gyaan Ghar and on my grandfather's farm in India, and working for an environmental firm in Latin America. Planning is time-consuming!

When we went out to run some errands this afternoon, I took along Trouble at Towers Inn, the mystery novel my sister published a few years ago. I expected to read a few pages just to say I had started it -- but I was instantly hooked! The casual dialogue, lightning-fast plot, and manageable chapter length all add to the book's immense readability. I encourage anyone looking for a quick read to "order" a copy from Priya. But a disclaimer from the author: she was only ten when she wrote it! Priya will have you know that her writing is much more sophisticated now!

Priya and I went for a stroll in our drizzly neighborhood before dinner, after which we settled in to watch my favorite movie, 3 Idiots. Though we have seen it before, we noticed for the first time that the "pivotal" date in the movie (watch it to find out why!) happens to be September 5th -- today's date. What a perfect way to end Day 5!

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