Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 24: I like air and the sounds things make.

After sonnet-reading, room-cleaning, and laundry-drying this morning, I sat down to write my very tardy Forum article, and forced myself not to get up until it was written. The Forum is the official publication of the Virginia Junior Classical League (VJCL), the organization which raised me just as Rhea Silvia nurtured Romulus and Remus. I was the Editor of the VJCL last year, which means that I was in charge of the publication of the Forum. This year, Nizar Zahed (Varlet #1) has assumed this glorious position, and has thus been, er, reminding me to submit my article quite frequently over the past few weeks. You will have to wait to read the article itself when the Fall issue of the Forum comes out, but you can see the two issues I prepared last year by clicking the links below.


The article is about Certamen, the classics-based trivia game in which a number of nerds compete at both the state and national levels each year. My piece focuses on advanced Certamen at the national level, and writing it really made me think back on all my summers spent training for this event -- literally some of the best times of my life. All this nostalgia must have caused me to expend a lot of energy, because I was planning to rest for a few minutes at this point, but ended up not arising until 2 hours later.

When I did stumble out of bed, Mama and I headed to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, the closest thing to the Elysian Fields I have ever observed in real life. There, we walked for an hour, covering every inch of trail which goes through the park, and even repeating some loops multiple times, occasionally slowing down to take photos with the flora. After our walk, we met a family from Pittsburgh who needed help getting to Leesburg. We drove to Route 7 with them following us, and then gave them directions from there. They were very appreciative and happy!

To pass a bit of time before Mama had to show a house to a client, we went to DSW, where I had to do my best not to purchase a pair of boots whose style was called "Hamlet." (I need to stop judging lectures and shoes by their names! "That which we call a rose . . . " etc. etc.) After getting a bit lost, we arrived at the house in McLean, and met with Viji Auntie, a close family friend, who is looking for a new house. By coincidence, her old neighborhood happens to be called "The Hamlet" -- how cool!

After we had checked out the house (which I really like), we headed to Panda Express for dinner. I now hope to get some sleep to avoid any random nap attacks tomorrow. Good night!

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