Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 274: My emotional immunity is melting away.

It seems like the skies and my eyes have made it a habit of crying for Marina every morning.

After grappling with the copy machine a bit more this morning, I finally finished some of yesterday's tasks before attending the Upper School Closing Ceremony.

It was then more paperwork and some exam review with an intellectually curious student before heading to the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony, where little Miss Priya Gill was given the award of "Master Musician." Jealous!

Having relived some memories and taken some photos, we headed to the doctor's office for me to have blood work done yet again.

We availed ourselves of a tornado warning by taking a lengthy nap before heading out to "celebrate Priya's graduation" by forcing her to watch a movie she didn't want to.

We ended up enjoying it though, and have been looking up baby pictures of all the actors in the flick since returning home for the night. It's late and I missed my workout for the day, but I'll make up for it tomorrow!


  1. ratna you are sooo mean you forced priya to watch a movie she didn't want to. I showed your blog to my friend kashish. I will tell her about gyaan ghar. you are making an awesome impact in the world.

  2. Happy MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADUATION PEACHU!! ratna can you tell her I said that! pwease