Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Día 285: My love is losing its weight.

This morning was a blur of amazing meals prepared by Avelina, Elena Auntie's housekeeper, who was so sweet that she inspired me to write a short piece about her.

Somewhere in between breakfast and lunch, Tia and I went to the drugstore to buy some minutes for my antique cell phone. Then I saw her off as she left for Cuenca, Ecuador and spent a few hours meditating, yoga-ing, and catching up with DanKim.

This afternoon, I moved to the home of Elena Auntie's sister, Rosalia (and niece Viviana whom I met last Friday). I will be staying in the room of their son Sergio, who passed away ten years ago, the day before he turned 25. He was buried on his birthday.

After I had settled in, we went right across the street to Unicentro, a grand shopping mall (the first big one in Bogotá). There, I replaced my fossil of a local cell phone with something clearly more sophisticated.

Exciting as my new Nokia cellular is, the highlight of the night was a stop at Crepes & Waffles, where I tried their legendary ice cream. One scoop of brownie and one of almendra (almond) left my taste buds singing!

I'm now just figuring out my new home and my phone, and preparing for the first day of work!


Song of the day: http://youtu.be/f7QZKOVD4tc

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  1. The last one looks nice than all above. :)
    i think you keep all above three and i will adjust with one. :)